I help dog owners teach their dogs good manners

Because dogs aren't born with good manners, it's your job to teach them. We can help you.




I want a dog with good manners

You’re not born knowing how to train a dog, how they think or how they communicate, but we can teach you.

Once you understand how dogs learn you can solve any issue, puppy biting, not listening, aggression and more. Sign up now.

If you want to predict what your dog will do then we have to watch their body. Their tail, ears, eye and fur will tell you exactly how they feel.

We help you reach your goals with how your dog learn to develop the recipe to change behavior with one of our programs. It’s as easy as that.

“Sherry is a lifesaver. We have had numerous trainers in the past..she empowered us with the right tools to understand our pups and modify their behaviors positively. Thank you Sherry for transforming our deepest fears into an overall sense of security and confidence.” 

~Katie A

There are 3 Dog Training Program


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The most important time to train your pup is the between 8 – 12 weeks old. You only get one chance to make a first impression. We can also help with potty training, chewing, biting and everything puppy.

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Puppy’s become teenagers at 6 – 18 months old. Bad habits can spark and grow into a wild fire at this age. A good training program can get them back on track ready to grow into a well behaved dog.

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Behavior Problems

Most aggression results from fears that developed at a young age. Our training addresses the fear itself and the symptoms -barking, biting, growling and snapping disappear on there own.

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What Clients Say

“We LOVE Sherry! Our dog Bernie has a couple of issues..We actually got to the point where we couldn’t even take Bernie on walks anymore, because he would bark at every single dog he saw..We were pretty much at our wits’ end. Luckily, we found Sherry and she has taught Bernie to be a calm dog while he’s on leash and sees other dogs passing him. It has been a complete turnaround for him!”

Diane H. 

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Dog trainer in Irvine

What Clients Say

“Sherry is awesome! We have used her personally and with our dog rescue for several years now. Sherry explains things clearly and is easy to understand..Her practical day to day tips are easy to implement and she focuses on positive reward based training. If you are ever having an issue with your dog, please consult with Sherry. She is trustworthy, reliable, has a love and passion for what she does, and her training methods WORK!”

Heather P, Founder of Lovebugs Rescue 

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Dog trainer in Irvine

What Clients Say

“Sherry is an excellent trainer of both dogs and people. As pet owners, we need as much, if not more, training than our beloved dogs.  Sherry’s patience, her ability to listen and her own love of dogs come through at every level of her process. Sherry has been invaluable in assiting Italian Greyhound Rescue by providing group training..and most recently, by fostering and training a Rescue dog.  Without Sherry’s expertise, Dallas (a three year old male) had very little hope of being rehabilitated which meant he would not find a permanent home. He arrived in Rescue with severe fear-based issues which affected every part of his life. Sherry could see beyond his fears; she saw a sweet, gentle loving soul. In a few weeks, Dallas was a completely different dog.   He enjoyed going for walks, meeting new people new dogs and looked forward to any other “adventure” that Sherry shared with him.

Roxanne B, Italian Greyhound Rescue 

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Dog trainer in Irvine

What Clients Say

“My husband and I recently rescued a 15 month old female Golden Retriever..Although she bonded well and very quickly with me, she has been extremely fearful of meeting new people and all things in the house – noises – stairs etc scared her. When I realized her issues were beyond my experience I called for professional help. Sherry came out to educate me and give me training tools for teaching her how to traverse the stairs and to feel comfortable with meeting new people. The training tools were solely based on positive reinforcement. I learned so much about dog’s body language..We practiced with the tools given..It was really miraculous and effortless! I highly recommend Sherry!”

Rhiannon B.

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Dog trainer in Irvine

What Clients Say

“Sherry is a lifesaver. We have two rescued pit bulls and have had numerous trainers in the past that negatively reinforced aggressive behaviors (choke chains, shock collars etc). Sherry introduced us to an entirely new way of thinking about animal behaviors; a more intuitive, positive and loving way to manage our fur babies. She was organized, reliable and consistent in her training and empowered us with the right tools to understand our pups and modify their behaviors positively. We are now more aware of their triggers and feel secure with them in all environments. Thank you Sherry for transforming our deepest fears into an overall sense of security and confidence. We cannot recommend Sherry enough!”

Katie A.

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What Clients Say

“Sherry is an awesome dog trainer and she does so much to help pets dogs and people in our community.  Highly recommended!”

Lisa S. (Sophia’s mom)

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Sherry is a dog owner and a dog trainer determined to help others with practical and effective solutions. She doesn’t use pain or intimidation to influence behavior, just as she didn’t use those techniques managing people in her corporate career (pre-dog training). After struggling with her dog, frustrated with the lack of good information and trainers to help, she found out what worked with dogs. She changed careers to help others with their beloved dogs. She is excited to help you.

How does dog training work?

The first step is a 90 minute listening session (aka consultation) so that we can understand your challenges and evaluate your dog.

Then we develop a training plan with the number of lessons needed to help you reach your goals.

We identify which training program is best and set up a weekly training schedule.

How do you train dogs? Which training method do you use?

We use positive reinforcement exclusively.

The tools we use are a clicker and food. This same method is used to train 10 ton whales, lions and apes.

When will I start to see results?

Most people see results right away depending on the challenges.

LeaRning is gradual process, but we get right to work and results should be seen quickly.

How do you train dogs? Which training method do you use?

If you are doing a DIY program then you need to spend ~ 30 minutes a day at least.

If you using the Day Training program then you need to spend 10 minutes a day at least.

How We Give Back

The most important part of a dogs life is the first 12-weeks. What happens during that time can lay a foundation for a well-behaved dog or cause aggression and behavior issues. Knowing this, Sherry wanted to raise a litter of rescue pups so she could socialize and train them from birth. Sherry contacted Lovebugs Rescue who takes in several pregnant dogs.  Soon a pregnant dog turned up at a local shelter and Lovebugs Rescue took her in. Sherry fostered this pregnant dog and raised her seven puppies. This amazing experience is detailed in five educational videos. Click on the first video below to watch their journey.  Each puppy went to their forever home potty training and ready to face our human world.  

When an Italian Greyhound named Dallas came into rescue, Sherry wanted to help. Dallas was surrendered because he wasn’t potty trained. Italian Greyhounds (aka IG’s) have a reputation for being impossible to potty train, but Sherry knew better. She had potty trained her two IG’s and helped several clients potty train their dogs. Sherry fostered Dallas to potty train him. It turned out that Dallas was frightened outside, which was a major contributor to his potty training problem. Dallas was a brave boy, over came his fears and learned to pee and poop outside. He is living with his new family in Los Angeles.

Read their stories below

*Thank you Lisa Scarsi Photography for the beautiful pictures of our rescue dogs

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